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Website Terms and Conditions of Use

I created this family history website as a means of sharing my genealogical research with others who may have ancestors in common and want to know more about their own heritage. It is the work of thirty-plus years. I have loved delving into the past and exploring my husband's ancestry, as well as my own. 

In addition to information about  our family's ancestry, I have also included general information on the pursuit of genealogy. 

You are free to use any of the facts and /or public documents you find on this website in any way that you wish. Facts are not subject to copyright law. Anyone is free to use them as they see fit. The basic facts of a person's life (dates of birth, marriage, and death, for example) as well as public documents (such as census records, wills and probate records) do not fall under copyright protection.

Unless otherwise noted, the family stories you find on this website have been created by me. My original writing, relationship charts, and photos taken by me are copyrighted. I hereby give you permission to download and reproduce the material for your personal use and to share with others, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and that proper attribution is maintained. That is, you must list my name and website as the source of the material. You are also free to upload any of my documents to your family tree, again listing me as the source. You are free to link to any of my webpages without my permission.

If you would like to re-publish an article in a genealogical society journal or if you intend to re-publish a significant portion on the internet, please contact me for permission.

Feel free to explore and use this material. I am indebted to others who have generously shared their family research efforts with me. Now it is time to pay it forward.

Updated  February 2015

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