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The Ancestry of the Oscar McNelley Family of Chicago, Illinois
Oscar was the grandson of Thomas T. McNelley of Cleveland, Ohio

(Thomas T. and William H. McNelley of Cleveland, OH were brothers. According to census records, Thomas was born in Canada about 1820. William was born in Massachusetts about 1828. There may have been other siblings in Cleveland. The names of their parents are unknown. Records tracing the family back to earlier generations have not been located.)

Thomas T. McNelley of Cleveland, Ohio: His Descendants
Captain William H. McNelley of Cleveland, Ohio and His Descendants    

The Mikkelsen and Holm Families: From Denmark to Chicago

Antonius and Anne Margrethe (Frandsen) Holm:
Nineteenth-Century Emigrants from Fredericia, Denmark to Chicago, Illinois
They came with nine children!

Danish Emigration Records for the Antonius Holm Family

US Immigration Records for the Antonius Holm Family

Emily Holm, daughter of Antonius and Anne Margrethe (Frandsen) Holm, married Theodore Mikkelsen, another Danish immigrant.

Pedigree Chart for Louise Mikkelsen  Louise was the granddaughter of Antonius Holm. She was the daughter of Theodore and Emily (Holm) Mikkelsen. Louise married Oscar James McNelley of Chicago, IL.
Sources for information given on the pedigree chart listed above available upon request

Joseph Lamb of Sheldon, Franklin County, Vermont
and his descendants

Joseph Lamb of Sheldon, Vermont: Soldier in the American Revolution

Joseph Lamb Family Record: His Two Marriages and His Children

Family Record of Nathan Lamb and Sarah Crampton
: An old, hand-written record of marriages, births and deaths, probably taken from a bible. Nathan was a son of Joseph Lamb. Nathan and his family moved to Ohio sometime between 1850 and 1853.

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