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We need to haunt the house of history and  listen anew to the ancestors' wisdom --  Maya Angelou

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The Basics

Research: Getting Past Name Changes and Spelling Variations!
From Roots Web:
"Why U Can't Find Your Ancestors --
Misspeld Knames A Commun Probblem for Reeserchors.

Tip: Be sure to record the name of your ancestor just as it appears in each document. Keep a list of all of the variations you've found in the spelling of your ancestor's name.  This will help you and others to find the document again in the archives and databases. It will provide you with clues as to how the name might be spelled in other records.

Not all Genealogy Databases are Created Equal --
Consider the Source of the Information!

A Family History Should be Based on Reliable Information: Fact not Fiction.
From Roots Web:
"Evidence, Sources, Citation, and Documentation"  

Tip: From time to time, take another look at the records you have collected. It is easy to overlook important details. Also, recently acquired information may shine a new light on the information gathered previously.

Bring your Ancestors to Life!
A Dozen Tips for Expanding Upon the Family Story

Create a Timeline of Your Life
by Dawne Slater-Putt, CG, originally published in Genealogy Gems -
News from the Fort Wayne Library on December 31, 2013

Tip: Hit a "brick wall"? Research sidelines -- siblings, cousins, inlaws, neighbors. Sometimes their records can provide just the information you are looking for.

Standards for Sound Genealogical Research
Published by the National Genealogical Society

Tip: Family letters, a few public documents, and a bit of historical context can add up to a fascinating family story.

DNA Family Trees: Tracing Your Ancestry Through DNA
by Kimberly Powell at
Find out what DNA testing will and will not reveal about your ancestry.

Tip: Include stories of maiden aunts, bachelor uncles, and childless couples in your family histories. Sometimes their stories are the most interesting.

Free Trial Membership in Genealogy Services --
Six Steps to Ensure that they are, in fact, free for you!

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